Saturday, March 28, 2015

Forgiving the Unforgivable by Craig Stone

Forgiving the Unforgivable- Finding Healing and Hope Through Pain, Loss or Betrayal by Craig Stone is a powerful message that models forgiveness even under the most painful and impossible circumstances.  Written by someone whose family was killed by a drunk driver, and betrayed by a legal system that did not provide justice, who is a better authority on pain, grief and forgiveness than Craig Stone. After reading this book, inspired by Stone's experiences, I feel this is probably the most credible and insightful authorities into the subject or forgiveness.  Forgiveness- a concept that many "Christians" completely disregard, is essential in every believer's life.  There is no excuse for harboring forgiveness.  Rich in scripture, Stone backs up his statements with the source- the bible.

As I followed Stone's journey on the road to forgive the impossible, another fascinating and compelling issue on the topic of foreboding and spiritual burdens was addressed. Early in the book, the author hints at his father's feeling of a heavy burden that he shared with his son.  Nothing more is said about this mysterious spiritual phenomenon other than to tell the reader that the concept would be addressed later in the book.  As a reader, I felt almost sidetracked from the main message of this book  as I felt compelled to learn what Stone had to say about the issue of spiritual foreboding. Int he last chapter more information about "warning signs" from God was explained in the context of the fatal crash.  The author explained his belief that his father had a spiritual foreboding- a subtle warning sign from God, about the impending accident.  Unaware of the significance, Stone feels that he and his death ignored the subtle warnings- which he recognized to be a spiritual warning in hindsight.  He urges the reader to take heed of any feeling of spiritual heaviness, fear or burden as it may actually be a spiritual warning of an impending danger.  While it is possible this is true, based on scripture there are many cases where believers and prophets received prophetic messages and dreams from God, I feel that this inclusion of this material may serve to solidify ideas of paranoia in susceptible individuals. This is more of an advanced message for mature or established Christians, and may not be readily understood or appropriately applied in the life of a new believer.  Considering that Craig Stone is also a pastor, his courageous and powerful book is not simply intended to the new Christian, still feeding on milk, but for those who yearn for deeper insight into biblical faith and the Holy Spirit. Craig Stone is a gifted writer; I believe he is inspired by the Holy Spirit to deliver this message to Christians far and wide.  This is a book I will read and re-read- a resource to turn to. As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Charisma House for the purpose of writing this review.

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