Wednesday, March 11, 2015

C is for Cthulhu by Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy

Any trip to the bookstore, one will find no shortage of baby board books. Tired of the typical children's board book featuring the stereotypical long haired princess,  fluffy little animals and other bland subject matter? C is for Cthulhu by Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy  is a new children's board book that fans of H.P. Lovecraft as well as others looking for something new, will certainly appreciate. Opening the pages of this book is a delight for those who love gothic literature. Next to Dr. Seuss, this eccentric and original board book is a welcome addition to the endless saturated market of bland, monotonous children's board books. 
The original cartoon illustrations are bold and vibrant. Some of the art work and the cartoons have a retro style.  The art depicts characters from Lovecraft's literature classics such as Cthulu and Shoggoth as well as other gothic and nightmarish themes.  Those who are not familiar with Lovecraft's works will also enjoy this book as well.  This board book is best for those who are into gothic literature or horror classics and want to share their appreciation with their children. This also makes a cute little book for Halloween time too.  The reader or parent considering this book should keep in mind that some sensitive parents might not find it offensive  to read their children an alphabet board book  featuring a horned, demonic looking black goat with three blood red eyes. This book is not directed toward the traditional market.  Children, however,  will be drawn to the expressive creatures and poignant themes in this book.  The illustrations are not scary and will not give children nightmares.  Even the  black goat caricature is cartoonish and not horrific. This memorable book will serve to reinforce  the learning experience as well! Who could ever forget the letter "C"  for Cthulhu or "E" for Eldritch.  This book would make a great gift for any parent or parent- to -be who happens to be gothic classic enthusiast. 
C is for Cthulhu by Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy is a one of a kind childrens picture book.  Fans of the well known Lovercraft as well as anyone who appreciates gothic  literature and the classics will love reading this colorful book to their children.  The children's book market is saturated with the same genre of overused themes: cute animals, princess characters and other commonly seen characters and stories.  Next to Dr. Seuss, this book is a refreshing change and will encourage even the most apathetic of parents to pick up a book and read to their chi

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