Friday, January 16, 2015

My Keepsake Bible by Sally Ann Wright, Illustrated by Honor Ayres

My Keepsake Bible by Sally Ann Wright, Illustrated by Honor Ayres is a beautifully illustrated bible story book that parents can not only read to their child, but can keep.  Ayres' beautifully colored artwork will hold the attention of any young child. This little gift bible with its padded cover, would make a nice gift for any new mom as it has a few opening pages to record the family tree and one page to record some of baby's first moments. Yet, other than the few intro pages, there is not much else to qualify this as a keepsake as the title portrays.   Introductory presentation pages are not uncommon in gift and presentation bibles for adults, but normally they are not found in bibles for babies and preschoolers. That is why this is designated as a keepsake.

Nevertheless I believe the title may be misleading as the "Keepsake" in the title might make someone think this is more like a fill in memory book or baby first year scrapbook.  Other than a few pages in the beginning of this book, with one page to record the dates of a few of baby's firsts, this is a typical baby/ preschooler storybook bible.  If you are looking for a memory book, and purchase this online for yourself, this is not the best choice and you may be disappointed when you see it is basically a bible storybook.  If you are looking for a beautiful childrens' bible story book to give as a gift then this is a good choice. As a blogger I received a copy of this book from Tyndale for the purpose of writing this review.    

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