Friday, January 23, 2015

A curiosity, an anomaly, an aberration, a mutation,
unique, unexpected, eccentric.
Difficult to define, or assign,
yet all lay claim and grasp
in order to validate, and explain and fulfill.

The empty, meaningless, void
a spiritual void, devoid of meaning, devoid of purpose, devoid of life
a vacuum, needs to be filled.
The masses grope
grasping at anything,
transference, displacement, diversion
repackaging, disguising, covering
Redefining evil,
with a non threating symbol

-it could be anyone, or anything; it doesn't matter-
Ironically embodied
in a blackened, dimmed, deviled & damned, pitch colored bird,
a dark feathered friend
a friendly figure, a familiar face
inviting and reconfigured
palatable, consumable and all consuming

What is it? Like the golden calf of ancient times, powerful, and alluring, a false "god",
 it's the newest vision, an apparition,
It is reportedly,  the alleged, the rumored, infamous,  "Ayam Cemani Chicken".
 Is it real or fictitious, a fairy tale or fable, a figment of the imagination?
 No one knows, nor does it matter as it has taken on a life of its own.

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