Sunday, November 16, 2014

940 Saturdays by Harley A. Rotbart, MD

940 Saturdays by Harley A. Rotbart, MD is a newly published gift book- journal.  It is hard to decide what genre this thick volume of blank pages fits. Is it a scrapbook to be used to tape movie ticket stubs and photos? Or is it a journal to jot down a few notes for each Saturday? There is no room for lengthy accounts for example if you celebrated a special birthday or holiday or took a vacation or trip.  This is too restrictive no flexibility to account for special days on any other days of the week.  And what if you have multiple kids- can this be adapted to an 18 year family journal or does it center around the activities of one particular child?  Also there is no space to include basic family info.  As far as fill in child journals go- this is pretty Spartan.

Firstly, this is a quality bound hard cover book, adorned with simplistic cartoon art on the cover- reminiscent of doodle art.  When you open the book it is simple and basic- white lined journal entries for you, the journalist to fit in.  Each page is divided to allow for two days worth of entries.  Each entry is labeled by a big, boldfaced number and a space to fill in the particular date.  There is enough space to jot down a few lines of text.  The decorated teal patterned end papers and the pocket is attractive.  Inside the pocket is a booklet that can be removed, about ideas for family activities.

In my opinion the $24.99 retail price could be better spent elsewhere if you are simply looking for a journal.  This journal is simply too expensive and too much for a niche market.  Its bold date headings are too rigid and take up too much space in proportion to the blank writing space. A plain bank journal offers more flexibility with an option to add personal touches.  A baby book styled scrap book provides better structure and opportunity to catalog important "firsts" and important little mementos.  This particular book has a vary narrow use- jotting a few notes down once every saturday for 18 years.  It is an interesting concept, but its just not practical. As a blogger I received this book published by Potter Style of crown publishing fot the purpose of writing this review.

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