Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Martian by Andy Weir

In the new science fiction novel, the reader follows astronaut Mark Watney's personal log during his failed mission to Mars where he was left behind, stranded when an unexpected storm hits.  The new docu-drama format is becoming a popular genre in media in culture- originating with the subject of the paranormal, in films and TV.  Recently, this first person styled narrative has branched into the sphere of science fiction to provide the reader an authentic, realistic experience.  As the reader follows along each entry written in real time, identified by the headings  "LOG ENTRY: SOL...", it is easy to follow along as if reading an authentic journal account. 

From the first page of the first chapter, this fast paced novel draws in the reader, without too much extraneous details, to obscure the story.  This is one novel without the usual extraneous side plots or tedious romance  filler. The author keeps to the raw details, emotion and events without censorship.  There are enough authentic, science related details about the space mission to keep science fiction and science enthusiasts entertained and engaged. The details about the food supply, and cultivating viable Martian soil to grow potatoes is narrated in detail.  All the various repairs are narrated with detail as if in real time for an authentic touch.

  The first lines grab the reader's attention as are reminiscent of real, unedited footage of one facing a crisis, as the protagonist writes "I'm pretty much f......ed!" True, there is a lot of adult language and even potty humor, but there are no offensive explicit adult scenes to spoil the book.

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