Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Power of Unstoppable Faith by Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujucic is not a side show curiosity, but rather a spiritual and powerful sympol of inspiration and the glory of God.  The newly published booklet The Power of Unstoppable Faith by Nick Vujicic is based on his book "Unstoppable".  This small 55 page outreach booklet provides more moticational and inspirational messages for those readers who may not be familiar with the author or his books ehich also include: "Life Without Limits".  Many curious people have probably viewed the popular You Tube videos online or watched a Discovery health documentary about Nick Vujicic, known as the man born without arms and legs. Yet there is much more to Nick than his severe disability. What many probably do not know about Nick, is that he is perhaps among the most inspirational motivational speakers there is. Gifted with inisght and empathy, his trials with his disability have been turned around and used as a gift to motivate and help others. He explains that he found happiness when he learned that despite his imperfections and disability, that he is perfect in God's eyes and that he is part of God's creation "designed according to His plan". 

People of all ages and back grounds can  relate to Nick's message and  words. This little easy to read booklet  addresses spiritual issues that Nick has battled which can apply to each and everyone alive.  His handicap has not stopped him from doing whatever he wants- not even surfing or getting married.   He percieves himself as enabled instead of disabled, counting himself blessed admist a world where many experience all kinds of pain and suffering. His books,  harnesses Nick's gift of empowerment to motivate the reader no matter what challanges he may face in life. He does not spend time feeling sorry for himself.  These booklets get his message out to more people.  Even though as a young boy he contemplated suicide, with the power of his faith in God he was able to overcome.  He does not feel sorry for himself.  Quite the contrary, he actually counts himself as blessed and emmpowered, feeling thankful for his life. In his book, Nick speaks to the reader personally in his books and his public speeches, as if addressing the reader one to one: "I can't know exactly what your burden is, nor do I pretend that I've ever been through a similar crisis....You may not be able to see a bright light at the end of your own dark tunnel right now, but know that my parents could not have envisioned what a wonderful life I would have one day." He acknowledges the validity of those who suffer and does not minimize the pain others may be going through- knowing that there are those who suffer from a host of many issues: personal, physical, emotional and financial. There is no life that is insignificant, when Nick claims that God uses his impediments for God's glory and that God intentionally led him to help another familiy whose little boy was also born without arms and legs. Its about time an inexpensive  booklet was made and it is sure to give the reader an inspirational boost no matter what his or her circumstances may be. It is ironic that a man without arms and legs, is perhaps among the most dignified, well adjusted individuals, with the God given gift of empathy and inspiration. This booklet is a good outreach method for all readers, disabled, young, depressed- anyone who seeks to find greater meaning and purpose.  As a blogger for Water Book publishers I recieved a packet of these booklets for the purposes of review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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