Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NKJV study bible- full color edition

I have found my new second place favorite bible! This is the bible that I have been waiting for. I know in a previous review, I said that Zondervan's  NIV First Century bible takes first place.  Now, the only reason this new NKJV bible takes 2nd place and not the first, is because of the particular translation isn't my favorite for personal reading.
This is the newly released NKJV study bible-  published in full color!  The simple, minimalist, modern book jacket gives little clue to the visual goodies contained within. The quality, durable hard cover will last with heavy use. The pages are perfect in their thickness and durability.
As far as the content: This bible is an update to the already existing NKJV study bible for those who may be familiar.  I find it is also similar to the out of print NIV Archeological study bible, and the newly published NIV Essentials study bible and NIV First Century bibles. The biggest difference is that this is a New King James translation- more literal and traditional in style and language than the NIV.  If you want to own one single bible that is good for study as well as beautifully designed and illustrated, the full color NKJV Study Bible is the only bible you will need.  This bible has every study feature you could ever ask for in a bible- including historical, theological and life application information.  This bible is full of full color photos, maps, charts, illustrations as well as the tiny footnotes- traditional study notes on the bottom of the page.  It is like a history book and bible rolled into one volume.  This bible is great for new bible readers as well experienced readers.
As far as everyday study, the font is big enough so as not to require the reader to squint.  Unlike most study bibles where the bible text is extremely tiny, I found the bible text to be readable. I am most impressed with the full color interior and photos of this bible.  I have been waiting for another full color bible.  It is nice to see that the publishers recognised the need for a full color bible- with an abundance of study resources and photos from the historical point of view. I do not feel any bible reader would ever need to buy another study bible.  Perhaps teachers, sociologists,  history enthusiasts and tourist travelers will be drawn to this bible as well. If you are wondering why to choose this bible over the most recently published full color bibles- I'd choose this particular bible if you prefer the NKJV. There is some similar content such as illustrations, maps and charts that you will find in the First Century and Essentials bible.  Therefore its redundant to own all three in my opinion unless you collect  bibles. Personally, I feel the Essentials bible is already dated and obsolete because its mainly in black and white with blue spot color.

For anyone looking for a good bible that will provide a lifetime of value and study, the NKJV study   bible is among the top choices in my opinion. I think any bible reader will be impressed.  As a blogger for booklook I received a copy of this bible published by Thomas Nelson.  Personally I'd like to see a NLT or NIV translation of this bible published too as I prefer these translations for home study.

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