Monday, August 18, 2014

The Life- Seek, Find, Give

The Life- Seek, Find, Give is a full color, pocket sized booklet featuring excerpts from the New Testament as an outreach method for teens.  This glossy pages, magazine styled booklet is directed towards teenagers to introduce teens to the bible and the gospel message.  This is the perfect resource to give to those who are either new believers or who are not yet believers.  This is perfect for teens as well as young adults who have never read the bible.

This booklet features the complete new testament gospel of John in the New Living Translation text of the bible.  The NLT bible version is easy to read and easy to understand without sacrificing fidelity to the actual meaning of God's word- perfect for this booklet.  The book of John is intertwined with the gospel of Luke and excerpts from Acts as well as other letters.  It may seem choppy to some readers but this is to place emphasis on certain important messages of the bible including salvation.  There are photographs and full color spreads just like a magazine.The reader will find it easy to note the different books featured as the text style and font size and graphics are distinct.

The introduction and its graphic diagrams, used to illustrate the intermingle between God and the reader, are reminiscent of those venn diagrams that all students should be familiar with.  Using the distinctive analogy of a friend vs a best friend, seems a bit weak.  I believe a more effective analogy could have been used.

The last section is a summary in simple words, the message of salvation. At a retail price of $4.99, this is an affordable gift to give any teenager who is unfamiliar with Christianity. With its small size, I would not classify this as a book but rather a booklet or an outreach publication. The cost may make this too prohibitive to distribute in bulk to the masses. As a blogger for Tyndale I received a copy of this book for the purpose of writing this review.

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