Monday, August 18, 2014

SpiritLed Promises for Spiritual Warfare

SpiritLed Promises for Spiritual Warfare is a small pocket sized book featuring scripture verses for a variety of topics.  This book features the MEV- Modern English Version, a new translation available- written in the King James tradition according to the publishers.  This book is the perfect resource for every bible believer.  This book is divided into eight different sections or categories ranging from opposition, deliverance, miracles and more.  The section on breaking free has particular verses addressing various addictions as well as hardships such as illness or financial issues.  This book is like a manual or a reference book.  It is literally an expanded where to go for help section found in some bibles.  The distinction is that this is a more exhaustive listing of applicable bible verses and also the focus is on spiritual warfare.  The bible verse is listed in its entirety so you do not need to page through a separate bible.  The only thing is that for most readers, who are more familiar with mainstream translations such as the NIV, NLT, NKJ or king James- this is an entirely new bible version.  This is a bible version that few readers are familiar with and it is available from Passio Publishers.  This is a literal translation so anyone who has trouble understanding may want to cross reference the passages with a translation they are more familiar with.  This pocket sized book is handy to carry in a pocket or purse or backpack for on the go inspiration.  As a blogger for the Booketeria I recieved this book for the purpose of writing this review from Passio publishers.  For more information on the MEV please visit

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