Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stand Up and Fight Back by Ken Abraham

Stand Up and Fight Back: How to Take  Authority Over Satan & Win  by Ken Abraham is the ultimate spiritual warfare book from the charismatic Christian perspective.  The cover and title seemingly looks like an ordinary  self help book. Yet, this book is not just another self help book that you will find on the market. This book is written from the spiritual perspective.  In contrast to other Christian themed self help books, this focuses  on Satan and the reality of spiritual battles. The smaller subtitle, which might be easily overlooked, gives a better indication of the book's spiritual theme. 

Using personal anecdotes and modern culture as a springboard, the author illustrates the presence of evil in the world today.  Yet, evil is not simply an abstract concept or force but rather a specific created evil being- Satan.  The book begins with some incredible accounts of actual demon possession.  These literal accounts of demon possession both in the mission field and in modern society seem to be a bit extreme and almost discredit the book as a whole. The book recounts a few sensational sounding  stories that are all too similar to those found in horror movies.  I am unsure as to why the author included these accounts as they seem almost  counterproductive in establishing credibility for many readers- Christian and secular alike. Nevertheless, moving past these extraordinary accounts, the author makes many valid points concerning the Satan's sphere of influence. 

Ken Abraham uses scripture to explain the presence of evil and the history or biography of Satan.  In fact this book is like a mini course in Satan and the sphere of Satan's influence. I would say this book is like a demonology 101 course.  Heavily based in scripture, I could not find anything theologically inconsistent with this book.  Using old testament references as well as new testament accounts, the author gives the reader a thorough background into Satan's origins beginning with his creation as an angelic being named Lucifer. This eye opening book will alert the reader to the real danger of Satan.  For a secular reader, with a closed mind, I can only imagine this book providing a lot of fuel for the background material for a horror movie.

Even in Churches and among Christians, complacency with the status quo and society is so common.  Yet this is indicative of a spiritual problem. The author explains that each and every believer must be alert and also participate in spiritual warfare.  The age of miracles, according to this author, did not end with the age of the apostles.  According to this book, spiritual gifts still are available for believers in Christ.  Yet  this is where many mainstream Christians may differ in opinion as many believers say the age of miracles and supernatural displays of power ended in the days of the apostles. The author cites compelling evidence that perhaps spiritual gifts still are available.   Yet no Christian will doubt this fact: there are so many things can be attributed to Satan's influence as well as personal sin.  In fact un- confessed sin and temptation can contribute to strongholds that Satan uses to imprison the believer.  The author provides the spiritual tools and empowers the reader to break free.  Unlike the prosperity preaching, this author recognizes the significance of sin in one's life.  This book can be even used an apologetic book to defend one's faith in the bible and specifically spiritual gifts. As a believer in the bible, I feel that the author would have been more effective in presenting his stance on spiritual gifts if the sensational sounding accounts of literal possession were left out of this book entirely.  Yet other than that, I feel this book is an important resource for Christians concerning an often overlooked danger.  As a blogger for Booketeria, I received this book published by Charisma house for the purpose of writing this review.

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