Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chronicles of Dinosauria by Dave Woetzel

Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man  by Dave Woetzel and illustrated by Richard Dobbs is a newly illustrated volume written from the biblical perspective of creation. This full colored book is filled with colorful graphics, full color illustrations and photographs on each page.  Created and designed to resemble an actual field journal, this book is like an actual experience with dinosaurs.  This book is the creationist answer to the new emerging genre of realistic journal styled books that usually focus on mythical or fictional creatures such as ware wolves, vampires or even middle earth dragons.  This book is designed in the same tradition yet its focus is on dinosaurs.  The mixed media illustrations and elements- line drawings, photographs, the aged worn  appearance of the cover and pages and realistic graphics draw the reader in for a realistic experience.  Visually, this book is impressive and is certain to draw in all readers- young readers and even parents alike!

As far as the content- this book provides a broad picture of the concepts of creation, with its focus on dinosaurs in particular.  Background information of the creation account and the worldwide flood as recorded in the biblical book of Genesis is covered.  The lives of dinosaurs is retold in context of archeological evidence as well as the Genesis account.  Intelligently written, this book serves as a good apologetic resource for anyone who wishes to build up and defend their belief in the creation account.  In terms of scientific coverage, this book would be a goo supplement to a science text.  A number of facts are presents in regards to archeological evidence, and fossils.  The different dinosaurs are depicted with their names as well.  This hybrid book combines science and entertainment as well.  Detailed endnotes provide sources of information. Last but not least in the end of the book is "God's Plan of Salvation" in order to provide the opportunity to hear the gospel message to all readers. This book is the perfect outreach to draw in the science enthusiast and dinosaur buff.  Inj light of all those erroneous memes and photos of creation tests that have gone viral on facebook, this book provides the true source of creation from an objective point of view- first hand.  As a blogger for New Leaf publishers I received a copy of this book published by Master Books and imprint of New Leaf Publishing group. 

This book is available directly from the publisher www.newleafpublishinggroup

or from B&N Chronicles of Dinosauria B&N

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