Friday, March 2, 2012

Three Hearts

Three Hearts DVD, presented by Samaritan's Purse is a documentary that chronicles Cissie Grahm Lynch's internship with the Children's Heart project  which seeks to provide impoverished third world children with surgery for children with fatal heart defects. Cissie Grahm Lynch is the grandaughter of Billy Grahm.  This documentary puts into perspective, the pain and suffering that families and children endure when they do not have access to basic neccesities such as health care which many people in developed nations take for granted.
Clearly, this DVD is an attempt to generate donations and funds for a worthy cause. It is not simply a movie made for entertainment or even educational purposes.  The premise behind this movie is that this documentary  will generate funds by sympathetic viewers. The intended audience is most likely comfortable Americans with the financial means to make  donations. An insert in the DVD case directs viewers to a web site where they may learn more information and make donations easily.  This DVD is a hybrid between a documentary and infomercial.  Nevertheless, the Children's Heart Project is a worthy cause and it does save lives.  Who could blame this non profit worthy cause for producing a DVD for the purpose of generating fuinds. 

There is a lot of focus on the personal life of Cissie, and her new marriage in an attempt to get the viewer to feel a personal connection.  This is to illicit a bond with the viewer.  Many viewers can look back to their own prosperous and happy lives with fond memories of their first marriage and feel good about the common bond they share with Cissie.  There are also interviews with the actiual children who recieve the sugeries as well.  The children share the suffering they go through as a result of their heart defects-such as shortness of breath and fatigue.  As a result they are unable to have an education, or play like other kids.  Without intervention they would certainly die. One can not help but remember that at the end of the day, Cassie, as well as each of us vieewers, can return and live comfortable lives in contrast to the millions of impoverished who suffer daily.  It is difficult to reconcile the pursuit of pleasure and greed in light of the world's suffering.  This DVD is an eye opener for many who are oblivious to the suffering and needs of many in this world.  As a blogger for booksneeze, I recieved this DVD from Thomas Nelson publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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