Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As One Devil to Another

As One Devil to Another: A Fiendish Correspondence in the Tradition of C. S. Lewis' the Screwtape Letters by Richard Platt was an eye opening work of fiction that gives a unique fantasy type of first person view of  the Devil's activities.  Even if a reader is not familiar with the well known original work of C.S. Lewis, this book is sure to be entertaining as well as informative. 

A young woman's life is used as a spring board where the author, Richard Platt, interjects his views concerning the flaws of modernsociety.  For example, when explaining her manner of dress or her prideful personality, the author follows with a brief historical analysis of society's transformation in recent years to materialism and individuality. The dark side of women's liberation is exposed whereas women simply become tools and physical beauty is misused for manipulation and gain. Women eventually are percieved by society to outlive their usefulness as they age and physical beauty declines. The author recognises rather than liberation, women are in bondage to society's petty standards. Platt follows the life of a typical, ordinary young woman who is a college student.  He follows through the typical scenarios that her course of life may lead&the possible interventions that the Devil may intervene.

Platt makes valid observations on the excessive materialism, greed, competition and flaws of society in general.  He discusses the hidden yet real dangers of consumerism, and media as well as liberal academics and the relatavism.  He follows the progression of society's modern, yet flawed value systems.  He uses vivid detail to descrive how sinister spirits may intervene, unknowingly, to steer a person away from genuine faith in God. 

Personally I enjoyed the book, but I would have preferred if the author chose a different "client", rather than the stereotypical young female in college.  I feel that this choice of heroine alienates the majority of the readership that most likely will be drawn to this book.  Perhaps the author could have chosen a more mature or older adult hero that the readers could relate to.  The scenario presented by the author is typical- the young, self centered, intelligent college student learns humilty from her spiritual aunt.  She attends bible study and meets a wholseome young man who she eventually marries, thus escaping the cluthes of Satan.  The woman faces very few hardships that actually test her faith in the first place.  Having found a suitor for marrriage, she finds herself surrounded by friendly Christians that challange her yet also support and encourage her.  Even though the author's analysis and commentary is right on target concerning the dangers that so many people are quite oblivious to, the characters are typical.

I would like to see this author expand on this "reality" styled genre of demonic correspondance to include more varied characters.  I enjoyed this book very much, despite the fact that I would have prefered a different less stereotypical character.  The vintage styled cartoons add a unique and unexpected element to the book.

As a blogger for Tyndale I recieved this book for the purpose of writing this review. the opinions expressed are my own.

Chance to win your own copy....... Tyndale publishers provided me with a certificate that may be reedemed to obtain a free copy of this book.  I will award this certificate a person, chosen at random, who comments on this blog.

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