Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dreams as practice for real life

The world of dreams provides the perfect environment for preparing oneself for reality in the waking world.  In what other environment could anyone, more effectively prepare for the unexpected range of possibilities that we can face in the real world?  Even in the world of science fiction- virtual reality scenarios are limited by technology, and  expensive to boot.

 Dreams in of themselves should not be dismissed as useless, inconsequential, distorted images that we put up with at night. Nor should dreams be dismissed as passive wastes of time. So many simply take for granted the new world that dreams open up.  While it is true that dreams frequently have little if no significant meaning other than representing disjointed images that are a part of the deep subconsous mind, yet it is not the substance of the dream that is significant, but rather the alternate sphere of reality that is opened.  In contrast to this real world, where we are limited by our social, economic, genetic and physical constraints of time and space, the world have dreams has no such limitations.  In dreams you can travel back in time- hundreds of years and explore! Or you can travel billions of light years into space and explore! You can meet anyone and everyone- from the past present or future.  A dream can be mundane as reliving your day at work or school or supernatural in which you can carry on a conversation with those who have lived years ago.  In a dream you can walk, swim or even fly.  You can eat, read or speed across outerspace in a spaceship.  There are no phyical limitations. There are no boundaries whatsoever! 

Dreams,  can be manipulated and altered by the dreamer and therefore used experimentally as a way to "practice" for the real world or reality or to resolve unresolved issues.   The topics and scenarios that can be covered in dreams are limitless.  These scenarios, no matter how disjointed or farfetched from reality can still provide useful for interaction and anticipation of resal world events and scenarios.  Dreams can be controlled to some degree and even manipulated. 

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