Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Night Night Blessings by Amy Parker

Night Night Blessings by Amy Parker is a bedtime story boardbook for toddlers and babies published by Thomas Nelson publishers.  The highlight of this book are colorful illustrations by Mariajan Ramljak.  In contrast to the simple cartoonish styled drawing of many children's books these days, it looks like the artist actually took timke and effort into illustrating this book.  Other than the illustrations, this is a typical religious themed bedtime story. The little girl, who is the hero, obviously comes from a privilidged, upper middleclass family: with two parents, a pet,  plenty of good food and toys, leisure time and playtime and no worries or cares in the world.  This child lives in an ideal world- intact family untouched by divorce or unemployment or illness, pets, toys and two full time devoted parents.  What else could a child wish for?  Regrettably, there is a large segment of the population whose lives are a struggle financially and socially and could not relate to or find comfort to the happy themes of this book.  It would be worthwhile to write a children's book to target such an audience- the forgotten "minority"  inorder to empower struggling families and their children in times of adversity and to maintainhope and thankfulness to God even in times of want and struggle.  As a blogger for booksneeze, I received this book for the purpose of writing this review.  My opinions are my own.

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