Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gabby, God's Little Angel by Sheila Walsh

Gabby, God's Little Angel by Sheila Walsh, an illustrated children's storybook published by Thomas Nelson publishers, makes for light reading as a bedtime story for parents to read to their young children.  This simple to read story about the popular theme of angels, is suppose to offer comfort to children as well as parents- based on its intrepretation of Psalm 91:11.   As a bedtime story, with no other expectations than entertainment, it is an okay choice. 

For those craving spiritual truth and for those who want to impart spiritual truths to their children, this story falls short.  The simple  cartoon illustrations depicting light skinned blonde angels, feeds into the stereotypical depiction of an angel.  The popular media conception of an angel is the basis for this story in contrast the biblical concept of angels. The light haired,  pre-school aged angels, in pink and yellow dresses- with the token African American boy angel, most likely limits the target age group to very young, well dressed upper class caucasion girls who enjoy horseback riding and other elitist hobbies. The target readership of this book is obviously the intact, typical two parent, upper class,  houshold with the stay at home mom.  For those who grew up in "Christian" households, this is sure to be a feel-good bedtime story.  But for those who are into biblical truth, whose spirituality is based on bible teachings and not popular misconceptions, this story falls short. Socially, however,  I feel perhaps the illustrations as well as the focus on horseback riding might be alienating for some readers and families- but perhaps I am reading too much into this book.

Other than that, setting aside spiritual, biblical and social considerations, this would make a nice bedtime story for children.  As a blogger for Thomas Nelson publishers I received this book for free for the purpose of writing this review.  My opinions are my own.

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