Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Morning Lord by Sheila Walsh

As a blogger for Thomas Nelson's I had the opporunity to review the full- color devotional gift book Good Morning Lord by Sheila Walsh. This devotional isn't too indepth, in regards to theology and it isn't deeply spiritual.  Therefore it is appropriate for anyone wishing to dedicate just a little bit of time each day to personal reflection. The passages are encouraging for anyone, especially those whose religious background is limited.  It is a good introductory book for anyone just beginning to explore the deeper meaning of life. There are a few lines scattered throughout the book to encourage the reader to record a few thoughts. This space, by no means is sufficient to contain all of one's thoughts.  Some of the thought provoking ideas would be a good starting point by which the reader could start his or own journal, because a few lines is not nearly sufficient space to record ones thoughts in any serious or indepth manner.  By no means is this journal/ gift book intended for a theologen or the serious bible student who wishes to study the word of the bible in great detail.  Nevertheless it makes a good starting point for those who wish to explore the pleasure of journaling by providing some good topics and biblical verses by which to reflect upon.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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