Thursday, November 10, 2016


THE RADICAL BOOK FOR KIDS by  CHAMP THORNTON is a new simplified theological textbook that brings the bible and faith to life with full color graphics, photos and art.  This book is a wonderful resource that can be used as an entertaining tool to introduce your child to theology or even as a religious studies textbook.  Thornton portrays faith and the bible in one comprehensive picture in order to provide a complete yet simple to understand foundation of faith for young readers of all ages.  Even adult readers who read this to their children, may find their understanding of theology to be more complete after reading this book as well.  Each page features impressive full color graphics, photos or other visuals, drawing in the attention - readers of all ages.  In this age of multi media, and bold graphics- this book reaches out to today's generation of young readers and their parents.  This book is divided into short lessons and an index provides a useful starting point if you are looking for something specific.  I found this book to represent a vast array of research on the part of Champ Thornton.  Most of all, the author's ability to package the material provides an outreach opportunity to share the gospel and theology basics to children as well as their parents.  As a blogger for Lifuse publicity, I received a copy of this book published by NG Press for the purpose of writing this review.

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