Sunday, September 26, 2010

Discovery of Design by Donald DeYoung and Derrik Hobbs

As a blogger for the New Leaf Publishing Group I recently had the opportunity to read Discovery of Design- Searching Out the Creator's Secrets, by Donald DeYoung and Derrik Hobbs, published by Master Books.  This 233 page, trade paperback is full of trivia syle scientific facts as well as black and white photographs on each page.  Marketed as an applied science text/ religious education book, this easy to read fact filled book can either be read cover to cover or by individual topic.  There are eight main sections dedicated to microorganisms, insectsflight, vegitation, underwater life and land animals- to name a few.  Within each section, something from the natural world is compared to a man-made invention.  For example, the complexity of the dragonfly is the inspriation behind modern man made surveillance technologies.  The inherent complexities of spider silk is analogous to the man made technology of fiber optics.  There are several examples of the natural ingenuity of God's creation and how this is used to inspire complex man made invention; hence the subtitle, "Searching Out the Creator's Secrets".  Chapter questions as well as a gloassary are included in the back of the book.  While not intended as a stand alone science text, this book perhaps would make a good supplimental text perhaps.  This book isnt extremely technical and is reminscent of a book of scientific trivia facts that may be appreciated by a young reader who has an interest in scientific facts. As a blogger I recieved this book for the purposes of writing a review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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