Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Gift of Heaven By Charles Stanley Published by Thomas Nelson

The Gift of Heaven

By Charles Stanley
Published by Thomas Nelson

The Gift of Heaven By Charles Stanley  is a new small sized gift book that covers the topic of heaven.  Unlike a long book on the theology of heaven, this book features short passages of text along side a full color nature scene.  Selected quotes from the author as well as scripture are featured throughout the book with a featured scene in the back ground- much like a motivational poster.  This book is perfect for those who want answers to questions as well as those who are grieving and seek comfort.  This book is perfect for seekers as well as those who are bereaved or facing terminal illness.   The nature scenes are generic but beautiful: scenes of mountains, flowers and trees.  Each scene is different.  The photographs do not detract from the text.  This book is covered in topical sections.  It can be read from start to finish or be started at any mid point.  This is a perfect gift for those who wish to transition from the worldliness to a spiritual eternity minded mind set. This book is most appropriate as an introduction to biblical teachings on heaven.  This book would make a good outreach opportunity for those on hospice or in a nursing home.  Secular as well as religious readers will find comfort from this book.  Most importantly, near the end, the gospel message is condensed and simplified to point to the reader on what must happen to have eternal life in heaven.  Far too many feel good type of books leave out the gospel message of salvation.  The thing about books like this is that many readers dont fully read it from cover to cover.  It often sits un read on a coffee table or night stand.  It may even become a treasured keepsake.  I encourage anyone who buys this book or receive it as a gift to actually read each page.  It's not just an aesthetically pleasing book.  It has the potential to answer questions and provide words of true comfort.  As a blogger for Booklook I received a copy of this book for the purpose of writing this review.

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