Thursday, August 17, 2017

My Rad Life: A Journal by Kate Schatz

My Rad Life: A Journal  by Kate Schatz  is not what you might expect based on the appearance of the cover.  What looks like it might be  superficial journal for teens, delivers much, much more.  This book is actually an in depth empowering, thought provoking  book for women  and girls of all ages.  This is not simply a "Barbie-esque" type of journal for girls and adults who have outgrown their Barbie and Disney princess coloring books.  You won't find make-up tips, silly boyfriend advise, trendy recipes  or superficial fashion hints.  Do not be deceived by the title, the use of the word "rad"   is used in a nostalgic or vintage sense.  This is a refreshing new journal option for young as well as adult readers that addresses real social issues. This book doesn't promote the sterotypical woman who simply cares about recipes, make up, clothing and other superficial wasteful self indulgent lifestyle choices.   This modern styled journal features inspirational and empowering quotes from women of all generations, from as young as age 16 to classic theorists from previous generations.  Filled with unexpected and powerful quotes of social activists and independent thinkers, this free style journal is a versatile place to include your thoughts, notes and even doodles.  This journal can be a structures catalysts if you choose to follow the writing prompts for your own thought provoking insight.  Or you may choose to simply write freestyle, journaling on your own subject matter.  Either way, this journal can be adapted to any purpose, using the quotes and cartoon illustrations as thought provoking motivators.  Personally I feel this is a great gift for any teenager or college student. This author should be applauded for her  bold new book, not succumbing to what the stereotypes society promotes for women. As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Ten Speed Press. 

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