Saturday, March 25, 2017

Raising A Hand: A Photographic Music Festival With a Cause

Raising A Hand is a brand new book raising awareness for a rare degenerative genetic disorder that affects young girls.  This book is a virtual concert, captured in photographs featuring a variety of musicians. For those who love music and musical history, this will be a treasured volume.  This book is part of an effective and unique outreach program to raise awareness of the little known  Rett Syndrome. The artists included in this book give a voice to the cause of young girls who otherwise would have no voice.

This book is produced from the combined efforts of dedicated individuals whose mission it is to find a cure and treatment for Rhett's.  Dave Clements' life was changed with the diagnosis of his daughter with Rhett's Syndrome.  Clements is the executive director of Raising a Hand, inspired by his daughter.  Together with Kevin Black, whose daughter was also diagnosed with Rhett's- they were inspired to create a one of a kind campaign to raise awareness.   The photographic compendium is a virtual music festival, featuring authentic, vibrant still shots of musicians "raising a hand" during their performances.  This well made hardcover volume is certain to become a collector's edition- perfect for the library or the coffee table. The minimalist modern design of this book, as well as the sharp photographs make this a musical time capsule- the perfect gift for anyone who loves music.  Any serious music enthusiastic needs a copy of this book.  The book features a wide variety of musical artists from all genres and time periods: Chubby Checker, Connie Smith, Brian Black, Peter Noone, Randy Travis, Paul McCartney, ZZ Top and many more.  There is an Artist Index in the back so that the reader can quickly find his favorites.

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