Monday, May 16, 2016

If You Were Me and Lived In...... Colonial America by Carole P. Roman,

If You Were Me and Lived In...... Colonial America by
Carole P. Roman, illustrated by Sara Wright is a new picture book-
of Roman's  newly created picture book series featuring a variety of  historical time periods.  This picture book features the story of the pilgrims in Colonial America.  Bold cartoons mixed with a touch of texture and mixed media details are used to introduce the young reader to the life and times of colonial America.  Unlike the dry account of the early colonial settlers from a traditional history textbook, the lively cartoons and fast paced narrative make the early colonial life and culture entertaining as well as informative.   This full color book provides an in-depth glimpse into the historical details of colonial daily life, their religious beliefs, as well as their political beliefs. The solemnity of the pilgrims is respectfully captured by Roman as well as through Wright's art.

 Students of all age groups will find something to love about this book. Younger children will enjoy the bold comic book cartoon characters while older students will enjoy the rich historical content and the attention to detail. Parents as well as educators will enjoy this book too.  The author incorporates many authentic historical details in creating this book about colonial times  The end of the book features mini- biographies of well known figures such as Captain John Smith, William Pennand Ann Hutchinson.   Also included is a thorough glossary of historical terminology that is common to the time period .  This book would make a great resource for any history curriculum.  This book would be great for any elementary school or middle school library.  Additional

books in this series include Elizabethan England, Renaissance Italy, and Ancient Greece.

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