Friday, November 27, 2015

Every Little Thing by Payton Cosell Turner

 Every Little Thing by Payton Cosell Turner is a new coloring book just for adults.  The new adult coloring book genre is becoming mainstream as it gains popularity among upscale adults, and stay at home moms.  This new coloring book is just a little bit different from the coloring books normally found in this genre. This coloring book features quickly drawn sketches- each scene resembles repetitious patterns of doodles rather than an actual picture.  Unlike other coloring books that have a simple story line or feature traditional, serene and beautiful and artistic images, the art in this book resembles quick doodles or cartoons.  This retro themed coloring book may take you back to your high school days of doodling in notebooks.  The  images on each page,  as a whole is more like an abstract patter.  For those who enjoy fine art or classical art, the rough style of these doodles may not be too appealing.  With the amount of time it takes to color a single page, some readers may prefer to pass this up if they prefer more beautiful art.  For those readers who are more free spirited and less rigid, they may be willing to invest some time into a new coloring book style.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Potter style. 

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