Friday, November 20, 2015

Art Students League of New York on Painting by James L. McElhinney and the Instructors of The Art Students League of New York

 Art Students League of New York on Painting by James L. McElhinney and the Instructors of The Art Students League of New York is a hybrid between an art book and an instruction book.  The beautiful hardcover is a compendium of student as well as professional art ranging from abstract modern to realism.  Any art enthusiast will find something to appreciate in this unique one of a kind volume.  There are many gifted artists whose work is featured.   I especially enjoyed the realism of LoPresti, Pelpko and the surreal, detailed abstract art of Winiarski.  The art of Vavagiakis is so realistic and exact that the human figures are almost indistinguishable from photos.  Yet the poignant faces are expressive.  This artist's still life works were just as impressive and ominous.  

Personally, I did not care for the large amount of paint-splotch styled modern and abstract art included in this book.  Abstract spots and splashes of color on a canvas never appealed to me.  I never appreciated the artistic style that mimics paint splatter.  Perhaps some readers appreciate modern art like this- and may actually enjoy it.  In my opinion it is monotonous and I feel perhaps one or two samples of this modern abstract style would have been sufficient.  I would have preferred more traditional and classical art to be depicted instead of ultra minimalist modern styles.  Overall the reader will find unique art that is not to be found anywhere else. There are a lot of unique pieces of art featured in this book. For any art student or art enthusiast who wants to increase their exposure to newer and unknown artists - this is the book to read.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Watson Guptill productions- an imprint of Crown Publishing group.  

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