Wednesday, April 22, 2015

John C. Maxwell's The Complete 101 Collection

Many readers of modern Christian classics are familiar with John C. Maxwell's works. He is a best-selling author of many books.  His newest release is the compendium: The Complete 101 Collection which is the widely used  series of leadership books.

This easy to read book presents leadership skills in light of scripture. This book belongs on the book shelf or office of any leader: pastor, teacher, professor, store manager or  CEO.  Whether you are leading a large corporation, small business, bible study group or even a family this book will provide scriptural thoughts and inspiration.  Countless numbers of people assume a "leadership" role and many more strive to do so, simply for the sake of power.  Yet there is more than leadership than the obvious high profile primary gains. SO many abuse their perceived power.  Leadership takes responsibility and those in leader ship roles owe it to their constituents to be prepared. this down to earth book provides direction.  It is like a mentor and course in one volume.  As a blogger for Booklook, I received a copy of this book for the purpose of writing this review.

As with any "course", registrants may wish to look at the curriculum or syllabus before purchase.  The following topics (taken from the editorial marketing summary) are covered in this single volume.  This book can be read at a pace similar to a course, or it can be read all at once as an "accelerated" learning experience.
  • Attitude 101 Attitude is contagious, so make sure your team is catching the right one.
  • Self-Improvement 101 To improve your life, improve yourself.
  • Leadership 101 No matter who you are, you can lead?
  • Relationships 101 Great leadership is built on great relationships
  • Success 101 Success may look different for each person, but the principles remain the same.
  • Teamwork 101 Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
  • Equipping 101 Leaders with an equipped team possess an edge that will help them win.
  • Mentoring 101 Multiply your impact by increasing the number of leaders on your team.

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