Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NIV Celebrate Recovery bible

If you want to purchase a good, yet simply styled bible to distribute as part of an outreach bible to those recovering from addictions or enduring difficult challenges, then this simple, two toned  text NIV Celebrate Recovery  bible is a good choice.  If you are tired and weary of phony devotionals in bibles by phony hypocritical, upperclass women that portray their OCD, compulsive shopping and perfectionist tendencies as a their cross, who believe their  admissions are a sign of piety (rather than the veiled pride that it is)then you need to see this refreshing bible. This is like a simple, yet well designed bible - has soft, relaxing two tone graphics and color accents in shades of brown.  The pages have a newspapereaque tint and texture.  The font is easy to read. This bible is very inviting. Its perfect for a gift or for personal bible study.

As far as everyday study and devotions, this is a good choice for anyone in a battle or addiction. This bible contains many good resources, including devotions and articles.Within the text are personal stories of Christians who battle various addictions and challenges. They share their private experiences without shame, humbling themselves so that others know they aren't alone.  They give a voice to the countless quiet people that feel alone, trapped by shame, illness and addiction.  They dont share phony, cliche acceptable problems like OCD, overachieving or perfection tendancies.  Those devotions are phony and nothing more than pride disguised as false humility.  These devotions truly depict a contrite and remorseful heart giving courage and light to others caught in shameful, embarrassing and painful addictions that take strength to admit.

 This bible introduces the reader to the 12 step recovery program in the context of Christian faith. This bible will be a welcome addition for anyone going through a formal 12 step program or just anyone in general seeking recovery from a bad habit or serious addiction.  i would like to see a NLT translation for this bible as I feel this audience would appreciate the less formal style of the NLT.  Nevertheless the NIV is a good, reliable yet easy to understand translation as well.  This soft cover bible is easy to hold and convenient to carry.  As a blogger for booklook bloggers I received this bible published by Zondervan publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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