Wednesday, August 29, 2012

18- Wheeler Jihad by Ken Bontrager

18- Wheeler Jihad by Ken Bontrager is a new fiction novel- a new addition to the emerging genre of post 9/11 terrorist suspense novels.
This book is well researched as the author provides authentic details and facts of the Islamic religion and the concept of Jihad. In fact the author gets behinds the scenes to offer a personal and authentic point of view of the thought process behind Islamic terrorists- making this a well balanced book with minimal religious bias. There are even quotes from the Koran as the devout extremist Islamics pray.
Furthermore, in this Christian novel the author certainly does not neglect to provide the gospel message in simple to understand terms through the main Character, Patricia Scott, an investigator. Ironically, the saving message of the gospel is also portrayed through the Islamic extremist Yasin who has a last minuet conversion and finds himself born again shortly before his bomb is activated. This message communicates to the reader that no one is beyond the hope of Salvation- and that the gift of eternal life is available to all who accept God's gift. Nevertheless religion does not overshadow the plot of this book.
Unlike other "terrorist" detective or suspense literature, this book centers around a unique scenario- if a fleet of 18- wheeler trucks were hijacked by terrorists. There are so many stories of planes and busses being hijacked and bombs planted in suspicious white vans, but this story- with trucks and a trucking business will hit closer to home for many readers- and is quite original. I feel that many everyday ordinary readers will find it appealing. In fact I believe this outreach method will draw in many secular readers providing them with a subtle yet effective opportunity to learn the gospel message while being entertained. This story is certain to appeal to a wide readership- in fact I feel that the secular reader will be drawn to this book, in particular.
It is interesting to note that the author hints at the plausibility of even the president of the US as being involved in a cover up of the terrorist plot to bomb major cities through the hijacked trucks. There are many conspiracy theorists who believe that there is a link with terrorism and our government. One can not help but make parallels with the current presidency. As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Outskirts Press for the purpose of writing this review.

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