Thursday, September 13, 2012

Answers Book 4 Teens Vol 2 Bodie Hodge, Tommy Mitchell with Ken Ham

Answers Book 4 Teens Vol 2 : Your Questions God's Answers by Bodie Hodge, Tommy Mitchell with Ken Ham is a second volume in a series of apologetic books with its unique, graphic. The appealing modern color graphics, and computer- photoshop styled art is enough to compete with popular teen magazines and draw the attention of teenaged readers. The indepth writing, nevertheless will most likely appeal to older readers- college students and adults.  Beneath the modern illustrated appearance is an indepth look at biblical principals and theology written in simplified language for a young reader.

As with the first volume, once again there are fifteen common, yet crucial questions about faith and the bible which are addressed, ranging in various topics such as evolution, slavery, abortion and stemcell research. This volume specifically focuses on areas of science pertaining to eveolution- and the distinctions bewteen micr and macro evolution, fossil evidence, and mutations.  Hot political topics such as slavery and abortion and stem cell research is also discussed. More specifically, satisfying and complete answers are provided for timely scientific questions such as the validity of evolution and missing links, the role of mutation- if any- in evolution and other essential college topics are intrudeced. Social issues will also apply to college students as well especially those who take philosophy political science.

In a culture dominated by sub standard mass media, and magazines which serve to shape the impresssionable minds and morals of teenagers, finanally a publication is made to appeal to this target audience. In contrast to a bare bones text based books on CS Lewis, Aquinas or Augustine apologetics, this book captures the main themes in a repackaged, modern format that is easily digested by younger or modern readers. The only problem with tis book is that I feel the title is too limiting.  I feel the scope of material may be too indepth for the average teen and more suited to the older reader or college student. As a blogger for New Leaf Publishers I recieved this book published by Master Books for the purpose of review.

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