Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Children's Atlas of God's World by Craig Froman


Children's Atlas of God's World by Craig Froman is a large sized, full color book that will appeal to children of all ages. Not only is this volume educational, it is entertaining as well. This book is complete with photographs, illustrations and maps. This atlas is like a geography sampler for children in which a selected number of countries from every continent is covered in exhaustive detail. Rather than overwhelm the young reader with  encyclopedia reference like coverage full of meaningless data, for every single country in the world, this book focuses on a range of three to seven countries per continent in greater focus.  The countries selected are well known countries that represent the continent as a whole.  For example in South America, the countries of Brazil and Bolivia are represented in this book.  Africa includes Kenya, Egypt and South Africa.  There is even a section on Antarctica as well as an explanation describing this unique entity populated mostly by researchers at seasonal times of the year.  The table of contents gives the reader and educator a quick visual glance at all the countries covered in this book.  Each country included in this book has relevant information including basic facts, maps, brief histories and timelines, social customs, landmarks and wildlife in order to teach  the reader the geography and social aspects of everyday life.  This book combines the best of science and geography to give the reader a broad experience in learning about the world.

This book can be used as a text in a geography or social studies course considering the amount of relevant indepth material that is provided. Information about biomes, latitude and longitude and world goverments is just a sample of what is covered in this book.  This book will give the student a broad picture of the world and not simply an introduction to isolated nations and countries.  If this book is used as a text as part of a social studies curriculum, the student will get a complete picture of the world as a whole.  For other students, this would make a perfect resource for an elementary school research paper.

As the title indicates, this book is written with the assumption that God is the creator and author of the universe.  Nevertheless this book can be enjoyed by the secular, non religious student as well as the homeschooled Christian student and their families.  The professional and inviting layout of this book can rival the quality of any secular textbook. The fact that this atlas makes reference to God, our creator, communicates to the young reader that God is the creator of all- and should not simply be limited to Sunday school once a week.  Secular education leaves God out of the picture entirely, leaving many secular students with a compartmentalized view of faith and the bible.  This book shows how God is part of all aspects of life.  This book is not only a reference book to return to again and again but can be read for the sole purpose of learning.  As a blogger for New Leaf Publishers I received this book published by Master Books, part of the New Leaf Publishing Group. 

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  1. Great review! I agree the layout of this book rivals others on the market! (I'm one of the Moms of Master Books reviewers, I'm just not on facebook).