Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Billy Graham in Quotes

Billy Graham in Quotes - compiled by  Franklin Graham with Donna Lee Toney is the ultimate resource for any speech writer, pastor or Billy Graham fan.  This exhaustive compendium has the best of Billy Graham's quotes taken from speeches, writings, interviews and other public appearances.  The quotes are groups based on topic ranging from controversial issues such as abortion, choice, creation and children to spiritual topics such as the bible, death and God's will. An inspiration for writing this book according to Franklin Graham is that Billy Graham himself has stated his concerns about the countless times he has been misquoted by the media.  This book is the definitive resource to set the record straight. It is almost a defense or insurance policy against all the misinformation that might be circulating in newspapers and TV talk shows.

 This all in one book can be read cover to cover or independent quotes can be searched based on topic.  Reading this book cover to cover is like any resource book on quotes- except for one major distinction: this book focuses on Graham's quotes.  His short quotes are easy to read and assimilate.  In contrast to reading a full length book or daily devotional type of book, the reader can get quick inspiration in simply a mater of seconds.  This book requires no commitment to read as it can be read in any order, one quote at a time.  The quotes are notable enough that they speak for themselves.  In light of Billy Graham's advancing age, it s no surprise that his son Franklin Graham has created this compendium of his fathers wisdom which spans the course of many decades.  Obviously not every evangelist- author is worthy of his own compendium but after spending a lifetime preaching, teaching and writing, his works and appearances have inspired countless believers.  It is only natural that his expansive writings, sayings and speeches be categorized for simple and quick access.  Once minor concern his that faithful readers or any reader for that matter will find this book easier to turn to for their spiritual needs than the bible itself.  This book is not a replacement for bible reading yet some might see it like a condensed catechism on what the bible has to say about certain topics. As a blogger I received this book published by Thomas Nelson for the purpose of writing this review.. 


  1. As one reviewer said on B&N......"If you're looking for a good book to put beside the toilet this is the one.... filled with inspirational one liners by Billy Graham that will touch your heart."