Thursday, April 26, 2012

Comeback by Rick McDaniel

Comeback: Overcoming the Setbacks in Your Life  by Rick McDaniel, is a short yet empowering book that guides the reader on how to overcome, despite the setbacks that may be faced.  This simple to read and simple to understand book is the perfect outreach opportunity- especially for the young adults.  While this book may not appeal to those seeking comfort for severe life issues- such as  terminal illness or other life threatening scenarios- this book is sure to have mass appeal to many readers facing job loss, divorce, injuries or other issues.  The setbacks of well known figures- historical and contemporary, are used to illustrate the concept of overcoming after a setback.  Using the life stories of well known sports personalities, the author portrays that even the worst of setbacks: health issues, injuries, financial crisis and hardships, need not be an excuse to define one's life.  In fact, the examples of comebacks provide real life scenarios, that overcoming is possible. Many readers will be drawn to the examples of famous figures they already know and respect.   These contemporary and well known sports figures and entertainment personalities featured provide the perfect outreach method to draw in readeers, not normally exposed to spiritual concepts.  Furthermore, Rick does not neglect to  introduce the gospel message of salvation to the reader. Theologically, this book is not complicated, so if you are a theologen looking for insight into the purpose of evil- this book will not go into extensive detail.  In contrast, this book is the perfect introduction to introduce a person to the gospel saving message.  As Paul himself stated he became many things to many people for the purpose of delievering the gospel message- this book is perfect for young adults and sports fans.  As a blogger I receieved this book for the purpose of writing this review - this book is published by  Westbow Publishers, a division of Thomas Nelson.

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