Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Old Library

based on a re-occurring dream

I find myself following a desolate winding dirt pathway across the desert plains region. Blinded by the scorching mid-day sun, somehow, I trudge my way along the path as if by auto-pilot. It is unknown how I actually find my way when I suddenly arrive at a large, spacious, empty, utilitarian multi- platform lobby. There is no entrance, nor door- it is as if I simply find myself placed there. Dreary, faded red commercial carpet at my feet, and above me, sterile, indistinct white walls and ceiling cannot be distinguished from the bright sky above. With a sense of urgency, I am drawn with a single mindedness to the worn, carpet covered stairs- the only visual landmark: quickly I walk up several winding levels.

Finally at the end, I reach gymnasium styled double doors as if approaching a large gym or school cafeteria. I push open the doors to find I am close to my destination: a stark contrast to the spacious, airy lobby- a dim, gloomy, cavernous library with multiple levels awaits me. I am greeted by the scent of freshly uprooted soil, and old books. Even though it is damp, and musty, it is an inviting and comforting, nonetheless. This unusual space is best described as a hybrid of an old forest, with old, twisted trees and scattered remains and relics. Dark, large antique book shelves loom above, crammed with old volumes. Dusty, long oblong boxes, rest undisturbed, in various nooks and crevices. Bookshelves, and relics and picturesque stonework are haphazardly scattered, as well as discarded, wilted, and dry roses. The neglected, old library is overgrown with soft green moss, and climbing vines. Grasping the cool, pointed, black, iron rails, I run up three levels, bypassing the first two levels without even a glance, as I know my time is limited. Oblivious to the beautifully crafted stone monuments, as soon as I reach the top of the platform, I turn to the left, to reach a small, dark, cool, encased, attic-like space and and my hurried quest is complete.  Physically drained, and tired,  I slip down to  the ground,  slumped against a cool corner, to rest for a moment, quite comfortably, in fact,  not a care or concern in the world, peacefully thinking that I wish I could stay undisturbed,  for a little while longer.

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