Monday, May 9, 2011

The Gospel For Real Life by Jerry Bridges

Although The Gospel For Real Life: Turning to the Liberating Power of the Cross... Everyday  by Jerry Bridges states in its preface that the book is not intended as a "theological treatise", is is not to be conisdered simple, beginer level reading "Gospel 101" as its author suggests.  Nevertheless, the book is thoroughly written and that is a positive thing for any believer who desires to strengthen his personal faith.  In contrast to all those books that focus on out reach programs and making disciples, this book focuses on the faith of the indivdual which must come first.  Many neglect their own personal faith, but this book fufills the need for one to preach the goseple message to himself- which is something each and every one of us should do.

In typical Jerry Bridges style, most chapters start off simply with a personal anecdote or story to capture the attention of the reader, then progress further into biblical relevance.  Then, as the chapter procedes a specific theological point or essential gospel fact is covered in systematic detail.  In essense, if this is a "Gospel 101" course, then it is analogous to the sytematic detail provided by a college introductory course.  Theological terms are in fact introduced in this book, but explained in detail so that the reader will have no difficulty comprehending what they mean and where they fit in with the story of salavation.  Jerry Bridges is the author of many books that offer detailed explanation of the bible.  This book will prove to be very informative for those individuals who wish to explore the concepts behind biblical faith. The end of this book includes a bible study for those readers who wish to apply what they learned from the book.  As a blogger for Navpress I recieved a copy of this book for the purpose of writing this review.

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