Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not Our Will, But God's

Not Our Will, But God's

People are not robots they make free will choices and the bad choices of others impact others, even the innocent, for better or for worse. Not many people consider that this is the cause of much of the evil in this world. Even the innocent will blame God rather than sinful man who make bad choices. And furthermore, what about natural disasters a.k.a "acts of God", accidents and other things that are seemingly beyond the control of human beings? Regrettably there is a lot of bad in this world and understandably that that is a major impediment to belief for so many people. And is it any wonder why so many people cannot get past the fact that many innocent people really do suffer such as children, the terminally ill, the impoverished.
Obviously this is an imperfect world and it is not always true that we will prosper. In fact suffering in some form or another seems to be the rule rather than prospering for most of the human population.

Perhaps the purpose we are here is to suffer and have faith?
It wont be easy for many of us in this lifetime, that's for sure but it will be worth it in the end. There is no guarentee to prosper in this wordly imperfect world. The odds are aainst us. There is no justice in this lifetime and we must endure with faith and look for the world to come.
Some people have no wordly comfort except the knowledge that God is with those who mourn and that in heaven he has many mansions

Though many in this world or rich and well off, most are not; many are victims of crime, poverty, war, disease. Even babies and children
suffer at the hands of others, yet did they commit any wrong doing?
I do not put trust in prosperity in this world. Simply be thankful for what you do have and await the next world to come. In this world, do not expect to have prosperity. If you do, then good for you but dont expect it. God's word and friendship is sufficient.

Sometimes God's answer is simply "no" and we must suffer.
Suffering isn't a punishment it is a fact of life in this sinful evil world.
Everyday there are crimes of war, innocent children abused and murdered and other atrocities. So then how can those people prosper in this world? All they have is God's comfort in the next world to come
and not to fear those who harm the body. So many are complacent in their easy lives that they have no desire to seek truth.
Yet I say even those who suffer must still humble themselves and accept God's friedship. When you live in this world long enough and become aware of your surroundings, you lose that naive idea that those who believe in God will materially prosper.
God wants us to have faith in times of bad as well as good
and to say "not my will but your will be done" for better or worse.
Just like the old testament prophet, he did not even withhold his beloved son from God.

Even in suffering, terminal illness, death, & loss, God's answer may still be simply no. Sometimes we must suffer
and like Jesus in the garden of gethsemane, even though we ask for the cup of suffering to be taken, sometimes God's will is for us to endure no matter how great that pain or suffering may be...we must say God's will be done. Yes, that is an impediment for many people to have faith in God and those are exactly the people we must try to reach with God's word.

The harvest is ready and waiting. WEe must search through much chaff just to find a little wheat but its there if you dig deep enough and long enough. Be thankful and humble and willing to accept God's gift of grace because God is always deserving of praise.
There will be that day that comes- when God's kingdom comes to us and he shall wipe away every tear and the lame shall walk and everything will be perfect. We need to stand firm and ready while we are on earth to fight the devil's schemes and snares
and dont let the devil get a foothold, dont get angry, bitter or resentful. Have courage because Jesus has overcome the world.

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