Monday, March 5, 2018

How to Break up with Your Phone

How to Break up With Your Phone by Catherine Price is an intriguing little book, a timely piece of work for today's generation.  The minimalist cover depicts a conversation bubble, a familiar and iconic image that sums up today's priorities for just about every reader.  In this modern day just about everyone under the age of 35 years old owns a smart phone- a handheld device that combines the technology of a hand held sized tablet with the features of a telephone.  This dual purpose multimedia device is what connects many people with the world around them.  Not only do people talk on the telephone, texting apps and social media apps are used to connect with others without having to actually see anyone face to face.  Just like television sets twenty years ago occupied countless mindless hours a day for many, the smart phone takes up an inordinate amount of time in the lives of many people.  Literally, today's generation is glued to their phone at the expense of other activities.

This little book points out how to occupy your time other than using your phone.  In otherwords  this book gives constructive ideas on how to break an addiction to using your telephone.  Telephone use is equated as an addiction as if it were similar to alcoholism, gambling, pornography and overeating.  This easy to read book will help point the reader in the right direction in substituting the smart phone habit with other activities. This simple to read book is appropriate for teens up to older adults who find themselves too attached to their phone.  The only catch to a  book like this is that it is only as effective as the motivation of the individual who reads it.  I imagine there are very few people who in actually have a desire to reduce their telephone usage.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book for the purpose of writing this review.

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