Thursday, February 8, 2018

NKJV Faithlife study bible

NKJV Faithlife Study Bible

The new NKJV Faithlife Study bible combines the study features of a study bible together with computer generated graphics as well as articles and notes.   This bible is different in its focus from other themed bibles- it is more general, applying to daily modern life and topics.  The computer generated images and diagrams offer information in a visual format.  Unlike traditional photographs, these unique diagrams bring bible concepts as well as architecture to life.   This is an eye opening bible for all bible readers- from beginners to advanced readers. 

Unlike the glossy finish of other full color bibles, the paper has a thin matte finish and curls slightly after contact with my fingerprints, after use.   I found the color graphics, diagrams and maps to be more subdued, muted colors than I expected.  With the exception of a few  impressive graphs found in Genesis: the diagrams of the ark and the graphic depiction of the creation of the world, the colors are not bold or bright, but rather a softer set of colors- almost similar to the effect of pastels.  The coloring and detail of maps at the end of the bible are created using softer colors as well. This gives the maps a  washed out look. There are some photos of archaeological finds including ancient coins.  There are not truly in full color but appear to contain spot color- black and white with blue tones. I am still pleased with this bible overall and intend to use it as my primary study bible.  However, I found the graphics overall to be more subdued and the maps to have a  washed out appearance than the other full color study bibles I have had the opportunity to review. The only change I would make with this bible would be to include more graphic features  and photos.  While it is true that this is a full color bible- it still is mostly text based with minimal spot color.  Whether you are looking for your first bible, or if you want to upgrade to a brand new bible, you will not be disappointed  with this choice.
As advertised, this is the perfect bible for any curious reader.  Be ready with your questions as this bible will certainly provide answers and enlightening insight.  As a blogger for booklook, I received a copy of this bible published by Zondervan for the purpose of writing this review.

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