Friday, September 29, 2017

Monsterland by Michael Okon

Everyone has heard of Disneyland and SeaWorld, but here comes a theme park featuring zombies, vampires and warewolves! 

Monsterland,  a new horror novel by Michael Okon, arrives just in time with pumpkins,  falling leaves,  and dark ominous nights to usher in the 2017 Halloween season.    This futuristic horror story incorporates a nightmarish tale of an alternate  reality in which populations of zombies, werewolves and vampire- human abominations transformed by viral contaminants are sequestered into a theme park.  Unlike Disneyland, this new theme park features authentic and dangerous exhibits with an underlying fear of danger that is real.  Not only does the reader find himself immersed into a monster theme park- there is also a social message addressing the issues of equality and autonomy.  The nightmarish creatures are not simply animals- but also portrayed as sick and suffering human beings. Not only that, the risk of contamination and of contracting the same horrific contagion  that infects the living exhibit is an ever present fear.

As a self-published writer of a small book horror short stories, I personally was drawn in particular to Okon's authentic and realistic  depiction of the Zombies and werewolves. As a reader I look for authentic details to hold my attention; I was not disappointed.  The author captured the physical pain as well as emotional anguish suffered by these unfortunate creatures who were once just as human as you and I. His critical eye for detail could satisfy the biggest skeptic.    In fact, one might almost believe that Michael Okon was describing a real creature with the extent of realism portrayed.  Not only that, this author writes with a twist.  Rather than depicting these zombies, warewolves and vampires simply as monsters, he portrays them as unfortunate victims who were held captive by their disease. Ironically, the humans and politicians were more like "monsters" than the werewolves, vampires and zombies.  This book was so captivating I have already read it multiples times.

This is among the best horror stories I have recently read and in my opinion, his works belong right up there with the modern great of horror writing, Stephen King. Anyone who enjoys well written, fast paced, complex horror stories with authentic detail should read this book. 

This book is available online from Barnes & Noble and Amazon!

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