Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I've passed the NCLEX

After 75 questions in under an hour, I passed the NCLEX and I am now an official RN.  As I was taking my exam, it became apparent that I was one of those unfortunate test takers to get almost all those dreaded select all that apply questions in which the answer can be any combination of two, three or more of the available options.

Before the exam, I dreaded the possibility of having marathon length exam with 265 questions and taking six hours. The 150 question three hour nursing school exams tested my stamina.  I could not imagine sitting for a six hour test. It is common knowledge that when the exam ends at 75 questions it means you either did very well, or did very poorly.  When my exam ended at 75 questions in less than an hour I was relieved that it was over, but concerned about the possibility of failing.  After going home, I tried the "pop -up trick" in which you attempt to register for the exam by submitting your credit card information, with the idea that if the system accepts your payment, you failed, but if you get an error message, it is because you passed and cannot re-register.  Apparently I got the "good" pop up error message.  Nevertheless I was still not convinced, and I kept checking the state website for my license number.  The next afternoon, I received a text message from a classmate who also took the exam and she told me to check the website because her name and license number was posted.  I saw my licence number posted, confirmation I passed and was an RN.

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