Friday, October 2, 2015

The Complete Creation Museum Adventure

The Complete Creation Museum Adventure is part of the "A Field Trip In A Box" series.  This series also includes the Aquarium Adventure and The Complete Zoo Adventure.  This book is literally a "A field trip in a book" as declared on the front cover.  It is no exaggeration to say that this is not simply a book but an experience.  This spiral bound, interactive full color book has color coded tab divided chapters for each topical category such as "The Flood", "The Gospel", "Dinosaurs" and the appendix as well as more topics.  Also included is a set of interactive educational cards in the "official creation museum tool kit" which looks like a vintage satchel that opens up.  The pockets  of this vintage "bag" include a book mark, a vintage inspired map replica of the creation museum, and  fact cards  for the readers/ participants.  Any fan of Indiana Jones, archaeology or those who want to learn about creation will enjoy this book. This book isn't just for learning- but also for fun.  Vibrant art and photographs make this a beautiful and engaging book.  This work is impressive.  It is like getting a book and an activity game in one product.  This book is educational as well as interactive and will certainly impress children as well as parents and educators alike.  This book is the perfect guide to transform any summer trip into an educational field trip.  And for those readers who are not actually going to the creation museum , this book is the next best thing.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Creation Museum, it is a real place.  While many readers may never be able to visit the museum, this book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to integrate it into their homeschooling science program or even for those who simply want to learn more about what the bible has to say about creation and dinosaurs.

  This is a bold book, and the authors are not ashamed of the gospel message and they boldly declare their  faith in creation science.  This is a great outreach opportunity to give weight to creation science.  As a blogger for New Leaf creations I received a copy of this book published by Master Books for the purpose of writing this review.  I wish this book would be available to the mass market in book stores everywhere as its message is essential.  This publishing company produces many great books that tie in science with biblical creation so that the readers get the whole picture.

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