Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To You; Love, God: A Year of Daily Guidance and Inspiration Straight from the Source by Will Bowen

 Will Bowen's newly published devotional- To You; Love, God: A Year of Daily Guidance and Inspiration Straight from the Source is a unique book.  Based on the title, many readers will automatically assume this is a Christian devotional book- one of many in the saturated daily devotional genre.  Not only that, there are many Christian devotionals on the market written in the first person- as if God is personally writing letters to the reader using first person pronouns.  Other than the usage of the word "God" in this devotional book, there is nothing to explicitly identify this book a Christian.  There are no specific references to "Jesus" or any other biblical figures or leaders for that matter.  A Christian may in fact read this devotional and not even notice the lack of specific references to biblical concepts such as Jesus, sin, salvation or Satan.  Many will read the pages of this devotional and interject their own ideas of faith and may be oblivious to the fact this book really does not concretely align with any major religion, much less denomination.  This book refers to broad spirituality and a deity, referred to as God.  There is the integration of new age concepts such as relativism, and the idea that there are multiple ways to truth and salvation. Yet in this entire book there is nothing that is overtly about Jesus or the bible or Christianity, just benign concepts of prayer and faith.

 Because of this lack of religious alignment, this book will have broad appeal.  Whether Jewish, Catholic, Wiccan or New Age spiritualist, regardless of one's denomination or religion, I don't think any reader will find offense at this book.  This book may even be encouraging to agnostics and general spiritualists.  This book may be a good outreach method to draw in non religious readers and general spiritual readers into positive concepts of faith, well being, kindness, empowerment and self help. I believe readers of all ages with find encouragement in these pages. Bowen is an "Ordained Minister" but as a reader, I am unclear of what he is ordained as.  His book is benign, non offensive, yet positive and uplifting. It would make a good inspirational, self help book. In its pages are down to earth analogies or modern day "parables" which end with good advice for anyone seeking direction or motivation.  Nevertheless it not specifically "Christian" or biblically based, unless the reader chooses to read its pages in light of their own theological or bible based beliefs.

 For those looking for in-depth theology in the faith of an extreme crisis, CS Lewis or Max Lucado books would be more appropriate.   This book would be a good gateway to religion in general or perhaps Christianity.  This generic, embryonic faith expressed  by Bowen's writing style has the potential to become whatever faith, or religion the reader wants it to be.    As a blogger I received a copy of this book  published by Convergent books. 

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