Friday, December 13, 2013

Trapped by Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.

Written with the authenticity that can only be captured by a professional, the new medical thriller, Trapped by Lawrence W. Gold, M.D. will capture the attention of any reader.  There are endless titles available in the ever growing medical thriller genre.  What sets this book above and beyond is the authentic medical details that could only be provided by an experienced medical doctor.  With years of experience with his medical practice and education, the realistic medical details provided in the area of neuroscience and perinatology will draw in those readers who crave more than mindless entertainment.

Gold's writing style is authentic and detailed- what one might expect from a medical doctor.  The story focuses on a couple, Lisa and Mike,  overwhelmed by two separate medical battles: high risk pregnancy and brain trauma.  The "locked in syndrome" is a mysterious and frightening rare medical condition which claims as its victim, Mike, as a result of an auto accident in the storyline.  The author goes deep into the thoughts and feelings of Mike during his living nightmare of "locked in syndrome".  Not only are authentic medical details provided, but the depth of emotion, anguish, and pain is vividly portrayed as well.  As a  reader, I found myself wanting to read this book from start to finish, simply to see the resolution of Mark's story. 

Many of the chapters are marked based on Lisa's pregnancy - "weeks 7-11", and "week 33", for example. This added to the dramatic effect of time in the high risk pregnancy where every week counts.  The author realistically depicted the social and emotional aspects of a modern high risk pregnancy, that Lisa experienced,  on her own while her husband was hospital confined.  He effectively captured the tense circumstances in which a single pregnant mom must depend on an extended social network for emotional support.  Not only that, but realistic medical explanation and description is provided for Lisa's high risk pregnancy. Her pregnancy is marked with anxiety as she is in and out of the hospital for various episodes of bleeding. Her emotional resources are overwhelmed as she must also consider Mike's prognosis. These details: medical and emotional, which would largely be overlooked or vaguely described by most authors, are treated with careful attention by Gold.  

This book, Trapped is one of a series of novels, the Brier Hospital Series.  These plots go beyond prime time television medical dramas in their authenticity.  Nevertheless, I can see how this storyline could easily be translated to a television drama series.  This book is a great choice for anyo reader who enjoys medical thrillers.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book, published by Grass Valley Publishing for the purpose of writing this review.

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