Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Judas Goat by Perry Stone

With its vivid, embossed cover depicting the close up of two weathered, rough horns, The Judas Goat is a newly published by Perry Stone.  This timely book focuses on betrayal. This book delivers the truths of the gospel from the perspective of the problem of betrayal- something that many, if not all readers, are familiar with in at least one area of life.  As mentioned, betrayal by enemies is to be expected, but to be betrayed by those who are close- is extremely painful, and can sap the strength of anyone- emotionally, physically and spiritually. Whether you have been betrayed by an enemy, coworker, relative or even your church- this book is for you.

This inclusive book is well rounded, starting with a spiritual and historical background in the bible of betrayal.  The weary,  apathetic, angry reader will find spiritual motivation and nourishment from Stone's words.  Written for a modern generation, the author takes a subject close to home for many readers, and addresses it - empowering even the most angry and apathetic of readers into action and faith.

Not many readers- secular and religious alike, may realize that the bible has an abundance of wisdom, stories and anecdotes about betrayal.  Most of the biblical heroes have been victims of betrayal as well and scripture has much to teach everyone about the facts of betrayal and how to use it.  Stone gleans every bit of biblical truth as well as sociological information about the concept of betrayal for the reader to get a better grip on understanding betrayal and facing it in day to day life. There are important lessons- difficult, yet empowering at the same time- about forgiveness and sin.  This is not a book that is simply written to tickle the ears of its listeners to use Paul's New Testament terminology. This book will give the reader insight into betrayal and the strategy of the Judas Goat- and how betrayal works. The author educates the reader into the subtle strategies of Satan that are subtle and destructive. Yet this book doesn't stop there as it also covers the topics of confession and restoration. This is not a self help book but rather a life changing book.  It is an entire curriculum and life changing book combined into one volume.

As a blogger for the Booketeria I received this book published by Charisma House for the purpose of writing this review.

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