Friday, June 29, 2012

Fatal Distraction: Conquering Destructive Temptations

Fatal Distraction: Conquering Destructive Temptations by Kay Arthur, David and BJ Lawson is a short 6- week bible study in the Precept Ministries International's 40 Minute Bible Studies series.  I found this bible study to be a little too cliche in its marketing and presentation.  Firstly, the references to the "seven deadly sins" of which this book covers six of the "seven deadly sins"- (because lust is a significant topic of its own and there are two books dedicated to the sin of lust in the series)-  make this approach more appropriate for a weekly tabloid than a bible study.  The photo of a rotten candy apple covered with blood- like red candy sauce is a bit too dramatic, and the bold warning "Don't become a spiritual statistic" plays on fear and paranoia of the new Christian. These features may grab the attention of the reader, especially in a market saturated with small group home bible study books.  It is true that this book visually stands apart from the mild, bland aqua and pastel covered books with their comforting messages and serene spa-like scenes. Nevertheless this book still appears to be too commercial in nature.  It may serve its purpose of providing a wake up call to the problem of sin in even a Christian's life. 

The book is divided into six study lessons to be read in a small group setting over the course of six weeks.  The sins covered are: pride, anger, jealousy, gluttony, slothfulness and greed.  As mentioned in the intro chapter, lust has two study books dedicated to the topic, which simply seems like an advertisement to get the reader to purchase to two additional study books for the complete effect.

The lessons themselves do address the issues using relevant biblical quotes and commentary.  Actual biblical passages are included with the lesson.  There are observation and discussion sections. The discussion questions prompt the reader to think about the material.  There is some space-  for short notetaking but not enough space for  journaling. There are also leader prompts- which may not be applicable for those who choose to use this book as a personal study.  In the end if you can get past the sensationalism, the reader will complete this study with a biblical insight or perspective of relevant issues that invade the lives of Christians and even churches.  In fact as an example, it is illustrated how even churches become greedy when they ask for more and more money for projects such as renovations or activities.  As a blogger for Waterbrook press I receieved this book for the purpose of writing this review.

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