Friday, July 8, 2011

Seeing the Unseen by T.W. Hunt

Seeing the Unseen by T.W. Hunt, illustrates the reality of God; the reality of the Holy Spirit, and in general, the spirit world, which in large part, for most normal or ordinary people, is unseen, but just as real, nevertheless.  Rather than rely on personal stories, experiences and anecdotes, T.W. Hunt draws heavily on scripture to prove the reality of God.  He contrasts the physical workd with the spiritual world, and despite the fact that we can not see the spiritual world, using the bible, he proves it is just as true, just as much a reality, as the physical world.  None of us doubt the physical world, and therefore why should we doubt the spiritual, which in fact is actually more important to us than the temporary, ,limited, imperfect physcial world.  This brief 102 page book is only short because he leaves out the extranous anecdotes which many authors use as filler to write bigger books and to pat them selves on the back.   When reading a spiritual book, I feel its best that the author leaves out the countless personal anecdotes and stories unless it is relevant. For anyone facing true crisis, terminal illness, rejection or death, this book will inspire the reader to show this temporary world is not the only thing out there.  Faith is important as well as trust in the unseem.   As a blogger for Navpress publishers, I recieved this book from the publisher for the purpose of writing this review.

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