Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Case of the Missing Mountain By Kim Jones

The Case of the Missing Mountain By Kim Jones is a hybrid between an activity book and a non fiction science book.  Fully illustrated in full color and simple cartoons, this 80 page book includes an assortment of puzzles and activities as well as full color photos and facts.  The young reader will follow their tour guides, Myster Rangers Jack and Jen as they complete various puzzles and activities to solve the geological, scientific mysteries.  In a round about way, the reader/ sleuth- will learn about geology and earth science as well as the evidence for the case of creation.  Obviously, the secular schooling establishment will not appreciate the obvious agenda of this applied science/ activity book.  This book would be perfect to take along for traveling families.  One consideration is that the puzzles and activities- which involve deciphering codes, unscrambling words and filling in the missing letters, may become repetative or  may present a challange, and therefore frustrate  younger readers. Younger students will need an adult guide to help them through this book.  This activities and puzzles in this book may be more appropriate for older students in terms of skill, but illustrations, and in general, the concept of this book might not capture the interest of the older student.   In general, the concept of this book is a good idea as it brings a voice to the overlooked ideas of creation.  In a society where the theories of evolution create a monopoly, it it emlightening to see some material that advocates other views and theories.  As a blogger for New Leaf bloggers I recieved a copy of this book from Master Book publishers for the purpose of writing this review.


  1. Patricia thanks so much for taking the time to review, "The Case of the Missing Mountain!" I loved your use of the word "hybrid" in the review, because that is really what the book is - a hybrid between an activity book and instruction! You pegged it! (: Woo Hoo!

    It has been fun seeing kid's excitement as they work their way through the book!

    I believe in a quote by Anatole France, "

    “Do not try to satisfy your vanity by teaching a great many things. Awaken people’s curiosity. It is enough to open minds; do no overload them. Put there just a spark. If there is some good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire.” Anatole France

    It is my prayer that "Mystery Rangers: The Case of the Missing Mountain" will spark kid's interest in Creation! (:

    Thanks so much for your time and creativity in review! (:

    Kim Jones

  2. Thanks once again for your creative review! I have pinned this on pinterest at

    Kim Jones