Friday, March 26, 2010

The Voice New Testament

As a blogger for the Booksneeze blogger program, I had the opportunity to review the a new modern translation of the New Testament, The Voice. Believing in the importance of the Good News of the bible, and having faith that the bible is the word of God to the human race, I feel it is essential that the bible is translated into easy to read language that can be understood by all. It is a grave diservice to prohibit or condemn easy to understand translations of the bible as some cults and religions do. There is no reason whatsoever to maintain the antiquated opinion that only the King James version (or other proprietary or antique versions for that matter) have a monopoly on the word of God. After all the KJV is in of itself a translation. Regrettably, the antique English style of the KJV and many other older translations, although poetic, make it prohibitive for many to read and understand the bible's message. So what's the point of having a bible if one can not understand or appreciate it.

The Voice is one of many new modern English translations. What makes the Voice stand out from other modern translations is that it is written in a transcript/ play like fashion. Introductory background material and information is also provided before each book as well as within the text. The two tone pages, and the formating make this translation easy to read. This supplimentary material is clearly "set aside" so as to not me confused with the actual bible text. The only downside to this casual translation is the fact that Jesus is called the Liberator or Liberating King, rather than Christ or Messiah. Other than that, which is not too much of an impediment, I highly reccomend this translation. It is important to keep in mind that the text is somewhat of a paraphrase- a meaning for meaning, rather than a word for word translation. This bible is perfect for reading and for drawing close to the truths of God, but not exactly the best for an indepth theological study.

As a blogger for Thomas Nelson's blogger program: booksneeze, I recieved a copy of this book for free. I am not required to write a postive review and the opinions and views expressed are my own.

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