Monday, May 24, 2010

Storm Warning by Billy Graham

As a blogger for I had the opportunity to review the newest book by Billy Graham, Storm Warning. Just as Jesus warned the apostles that weather could be discerned from visible signs, the end times would also yield visible signs. Nevertheless, this book is not extreme in so far as actually predicting the end times as many cultic groups claim. In accordance with the biblical message concerning the end times, we can not know the exact time or date- and this is in fact upheald throughout the message of this book.
Modern events, disasters and upheavals: social, economic, moral and environmental, are considered in light of the prophetic book of revelation. The momentous and difficult times faced today are considered to be signs or warnings for responsible individuals to consider. Analogous to the days of Noah, God did in fact give some warning, nevertheless the majority chose to ignore the warnings, we as a society, are living in the end times as well. We simply need to open our eyes and consider what is going on around us, in accordance to the difficult end times alluded to in the bible.
Graham considers the decline of moral and social values, economic hardship, environmental and biological disaster as well as widespread death and how it all relates specifically to the four horsemen described in the book of revelation. The book of revelation is explained using specific modern events as well as socio-economic conditions that are undeniable. I enjoyed this book greatly and its reliance on scripture as well as verifiable events/ conditions is its strong point. In contrast to so many other Christian commentaries times which rely heavily on the authors' selectively chosen personal ancedotes and stories, Graham's book has a strong foothold on actual events and actual scripture. I would reccomend this book for anyone wishing to put today's events in perspective.

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