Monday, July 29, 2019

Brit Lunden's The Knowing

Brit Lunden

The Knowing 
A Bulwark Anthology

The knowing is the first volume of Brit Lunden's Bulwark Anthology. 

Brit Lunden is a pen name of a well known, versatile author who has written a number of books including children's books as well as novels.

For anyone curious to know, a Bulwark, represents, "a wall or stockade that protects or sometimes hides the truth from the outside world". (Lunden, 2019) This ominous clue reveals a hint to the story that lurks within Bulwark, Georgia. 

Lunden's vividly, surreal descriptions make the reader believe they are transported to a new reality.  She is a gifted writer whose magical words create an entirely new alternate reality where the paranormal becomes believable and the reader is left to question reality.  Inserted are historical elements  and details as the author includes authentic excerpts from the past.  I feel all readers even historical enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of these authentic details into the story line.  For those readers who have read Brit Lunden's novella, Bulwark, this is book, you will certainly want to read!  For those readers unfamiliar with Bulwark, this is a great introduction to the paranormal series as it is also great as a stand alone novel as well.  For those readers looking for a fast paced paranormal mystery novel with excellent, vivid descriptive elements, this is a great choice for you.

I believe that Brit Lunden's works are destined to become a classic in paranormal short story fiction. 

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Witches Protection Program by Michael Okon

Witches Protection Program by Michael Okon  introduces the reader to  the 232 year old top secret Witches Protection Program of the United States federal government and an eccentric agent named Wes, as he comes face to face with modern day witches and an unexpected conspiracy. It is evident that Okon has done much research into secret agencies to create an authentic tale of intrigue and drama.  It is written as if from an insider's point of view- convincing and real.  It might even make some conspiracy theorists  wonder to themselves,  what if this tale t were really true.  The integration of historical details creates just enough plausibility to capture the attention of any reader who is into secret societies, conspiracy theories and mysteries.

This book would make a great story line for a supernatural detective series.  I think this book is too good to be just one story, and would make a great transition to become a prime time television series. I would like to see Michael Okon explore the possibility of creating a Netflix or Hulu series.   For anyone who enjoys detective stories with a supernatural test- this is the book for you.

Michael Okon, the author of many bestselling novels including Monsterland series, delivers another complex, well written novel proving his talent in a variety of genres including science fiction, horror and mystery.  This book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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